11 Qualities to Look for Before Hiring A Process Server

How To Find The Best Process Server For Your Needs

Most process servers are a dime a dozen and lack many (and sometimes all!) of the qualities you should demand of the person you hire to handle and deliver your important legal and medical documents.

Think about it can you really afford to trust just anyone with your legally-binding, time-sensitive materials?

No matter you choose, price will probably be a factor in your decision, but make sure you’re getting the most for your money. If the process servers you’re thinking about using lack any of these traits, it could end up costing you much more than the few dollars you saved by choosing them in the first place.

While price checking process servers in your area, use this qualification checklist to find the best process services for your needs.

1. Find Hard To Locate Targets You’d be surprised how many process service companies keep your money, even after failing to locate a target because they moved or are aren?t using a current address.? Would you rather pay once and make sure your documents are delivered or save a few bucks and hope you don’t have to pay again?

2. Proper Technology Sure a cell phone and a car are all you really need to get started in process service, but if those aren’t reliable, how reliable can you really be?? Dedicated process servers include global positioning technology, surveillance equipment and easy-to-use documentation software to increase their successes.

3. Gas Mileage Making money back on delivery is an old trick in the retail business, but many service industries are plagued by companies lowballing prices and making them up on inflated gas mileage.? Be sure the process server you choose provides a flat rate for gas, or even better, free gas mileage.

4. Insured Just like driving a car without insurance, you can get away with process serving without insurance for awhile, but eventually you?re going to get caught and end up costing the client much more than they were in for.? All process servers are legally required to be insured for a reason.

5. Licensed Much like insurance, a process server license is something that many will get away with for awhile, but puts everyone involved at risk.  Process server licenses aren’t difficult to acquire, but they are required by California law and shows some credibility and commitment.

6. Persistent People are busier than ever, meaning that they aren’t always where they’re supposed to be.? A good process server understands this fact and is persistent about making contact with their target.? And they do it for no extra cost.

7. Quick Thinking Thinking fast is easily one of the best traits of a good process server.? The stories the average process server could tell you would keep you entertained for hours.? Quick thinking process servers update and execute their plans on a moment notice to make sure the joke isn’t on you.

8. Calmness One of the biggest liabilities in process service is how the process server handles his or her temper and emotions while out in the field. Driving and identification mistakes made out of haste are costly and push back deadlines.

9. Customer Service Policy In many cases, the prompt and secure delivery of your documents puts your reputation on the line.  Do you want a process server with no clue about proper behavior on your account or a process server who understands they are representing you at all time?

10. Information Successful process servers always have access to a stream of updated information regarding the target, their residential and employment addresses and personal habits. They also have the tools to gather more information that is likely to lead to delivery of your documents.

11. Knowledgeable In addition to the information and data they need to identify and serve targets, good process servers are also knowledgeable about the target?s industry, the process service industry and the latest in surveillance and identification techniques.

As you can see, a lot more goes into successfully serving your paperwork on time than just having a cell phone and an automobile. Let’s face it, process delivery isn’t pizza delivery. Demand more from your process server.

Feel free to use this checklist while price comparing and this form to request our free quote, along with answers to any questions you might have about the list above or your process service needs.

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