Sacramento Process Service


We have a process server at CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY / CSC – LAWYERS INCORPORATING SERVICE in Sacramento several times a week.  If you need to have documents, subpoenas, small claims, or civil complaints served at CSC in Sacramento feel free to contact us for special pricing. We also have process servers that cover all of …


Why Choose Us?

People always ask, “why are they $10-$25 cheaper then your rate?”   Well….We make at least 6 attempts if needed.  We have the best customer service in the Process Server Industry, period.  Our process servers actually make the attempts at the address.  Our process servers actually know the rules of service.  We actually get your serves …

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Attention: JPL Process Service is open and our servers are working around the clock to safely deliver your legal documents during the shelter in place order.  If you have any questions, please give us a call!

If you’re working remotely, just email us your order or schedule to have us pick it up wherever you are!