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CT Corporation Systems – National Registered Agents – Process Servers in Los Angeles


CT Corporation Systems: Process Servers in Glendale, Ca.


**UPDATE!  Active Address and Business hours for CT Corporation Systems:  330 N. Brand Blvd, Suite #700 Glendale, CA 91203.  The operating hours in Glendale, Ca for Process Service is from 8:30am to 1:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Changes started happening last week for CT Corporation Systems – National Registered Agents otherwise known as NRAI. The services that normally were served at 2875 Michelle Drive, STE 100 Irvine, Ca. 92606 are now being directed to CT Corporation Systems located in Los Angeles: 818 West Seventh Street, STE 930, Los Angeles, Ca. 90017

A quick Secretary of State search shows that NRAI Corporate Service, Inc. still shows the Irvine address for business, but has the CT Corporation System as the agent for service.  It seems that Wolters Kluwer purchased National Registered Agents in 2011.  There are no public terms of the acquisition, but it now appears that the CT Corp listed in Los Angeles will now handle all services listed for both National Registered Agents and CT Corporation Systems.

Nothing changes for JPL Process Service. We can still handle all of your process services going anywhere in California.  We offer a competitive flat rate with excellent service! Check our Reviews on Google and Yelp!  Once you go with JPL, you never go back.

JPL Process Service has process servers in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and San Bernardino. We routinely have process servers serving Legal Documents at CT Corporation Systems and National Registered Agents and will be happy to give you a free consult and price quote. We take pride in our work and ensure that your services are taken care of the way we would want our own services handled.

If you would like help serving your documents to CT Corporation Systems, National Registered Agents, or anywhere else in California, please give JPL Process Service at a call at 866-754-0520. We can have your papers served in a couple of days compared to weeks or months with the Sheriff, and have proof of service in your hand within 24 hours of completion.

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