Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center Process Service

Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center Process Service

Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center was opened in 1960 and houses both male and female inmates.? Located in San Bernardino County, it rests on 9 acres of land and is under the command of Captain Michael Mascetti.

Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center Process Service - jpl process service - orange county process serversSome items of interest about Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center:

  • Glen Helen has three inmate-housing facilities — two of them are Minimum Security and one is Maximum Security
  • The average number of male inmates being housed on a daily basis is 1020
  • Houses pre-trial and sentenced female inmates
  • Female Facility can house 326 female inmates and averages 240 a day
  • Plans are currently in the works to add two more housing units that will hold close to 500 pre-trial and sentenced county inmates

With such a large facility, you can imagine the amount of legal paperwork that goes back and forth!

It isn’t the only correctional facility in San Bernardino County either.

There is also…

  • West Valley Detention Center ? The largest booking facility in San Bernardino County. It has the reputation of being the biggest and best county jail in California. Most of its inmates are pre-trial. They also house maximum-security inmates
  • Central Detention Center ? It opened in 1971 and was the main county jail for San Bernardino County. There are currently about 330 federal inmates and about 600 county inmates at Central
  • Adelanto Detention Center ? Opening in January 2006, Adelanto?s purpose was to give more space to the Bureau of Detention and Corrections. It is the first Type II facility in the High Desert. It is currently housing over 700 inmates

JPL Process Service has been recently providing process servicing for Glen Helen?s legal documents and they?re just one of many facilities we serve to.

We understand that serving correction centers may not always be a hassle-free process. Our process servers are experienced and have the know-how to serve rehabilitation facilities quickly and with minimal issues. We?re better than using the sheriff to do the task!

Do you need documents served to a jail or correction facility?

We don?t just have process servers in San Bernardino County, delivering to jails and correction centers. We also serve Orange County and Los Angeles County correctional facilities.

Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center Process Serving

If you need process service to Glen Helen Rehab center or one of the other many correctional facilities throughout Southern California, give us a call at (866) 754-0520 and we’ll take care of it.

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