How Many Process Servers In Orange County?

How Many Process Servers in Orange County?

Too many.

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Delivering your documents any way possible.

If you want a numerical number, there are more than 200,000 process servers in Orange County.?

With such a wide selection to choose from, how do you know who to choose?

Do you know what you should look for?

A process servers job is to serve legal documentation to the opposing party. Anytime you need to have legal documents served to someone, you always want that person to be a disinterested third party. The reason for that is to protect your best interest.

If the person delivering documentation is a mutual friend, they might not be 100% honest about delivering the documents. Perhaps they care about both parties and want to help by prolonging proceedings. Or maybe they won’t deliver them right away and will just give it to them when they see them.

Not only do you want your process server to be a disinterested third party but you want them to be persistent and trustworthy. With the number of process servers in Orange County being so high, the ratio of bad process servers versus good process servers has to be high as well. This is because not everyone takes the job seriously.

Maybe after two attempts, they give up. Maybe they put your assignment on the back burner because it is difficult. Maybe they don’t investigate other locations for the individual or worse, charge you a large fee to track them down. Maybe they don’t care enough to get proper paperwork stating accurate delivery.

There are so many things that could go wrong and because why? They just might not have your best interest at heart. They’re getting paid either way and to them, that’s good enough.

At JPL Process Service, we make six attempts. We will try and try to find the individual. Our process servers go through extensive training and have the technology to find even the hard to reach individuals.

We don’t have hidden fees and in fact, try to give you the best cost possible. We follow high standards and best practices to insure all legal requirements are met to give you peace of mind. When you make the decision to go through with legal proceedings, it is a stressful choice. We will try to make at least one step as worry free as possible. We care and there is no question about it.

Our process servers are licensed, registered, and bonded. We offer no hassle, flat rate pricing. So with the numerous amount of process servers in Orange County, why wouldn’t you choose JPL Process Service?

Give us a call at (866) 754-0520.

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