The Risks Of Hiring The Wrong Sacramento County Process Servers

Written by Jeff Lancaster
November 23, 2011

Can You Trust Your Sacramento County Process Servers?

When the delivery of your important legal documents are at stake, do you consider hiring Sacramento County process servers with the lowest price?

If so, you may want to think again.

Hiring Sacramento County process servers with the lowest prices includes risks that aren’t worth the few dollars you might save. Many process servers in Sacramento County hire untrained, unlicensed and even unqualified independent contractors.

Do you really want to put your legal documents in the hands of amateurs?

What’s At Risk With The Wrong Sacramento County Process Servers?

In the State of California, certain legal documents are required by law to be served by a registered process server. If they’re official court documents, your case could actually be dismissed if the Sacramento County process server you hired mishandled your documents and proof of service, or worse, didn’t deliver them altogether.

How are you going to keep an independent contractor accountable?

Why You Should Hire Professional Sacramento County Process Servers

When you hire licensed, registered and insured process servers in Sacramento County, you hire peace of mind.

The peace of mind that:

  • Your legal documents will be delivered in plenty of time for your specific deadlines
  • Your legal documents will be delivered to the exact person you intended to serve
  • Your Sacramento County process servers will attempt multiple deliveries of your legal documents until they are served
  • You’ll receive proof of delivery once your legal documents are served
  • The Sacramento process server you hired is licensed and registered with the National Process Service association

When you need a process server in Sacramento County, do your homework before hiring the first one with the lowest prices. There’s a reason they are the cheapest.

A professional Sacramento County process service firm may cost a bit more, but you’re guaranteed to get better service with less hassles, and the dedication and reliability you deserve.

When you need a process server in Sacramento County, consider JPL Process Service.

Our Sacramento County process servers are individually and thoroughly trained to handle even the toughest situations that are sure to arise at times. We’re also known as some of the best process servers in Sacramento County. Check out some of our reviews!

“I have used JPL for my most challenging cases for service of process. They have been able to find felons on the run for my firm and do successful service. They will provide great customer service and the owner is even available for those important phone calls.” – Brian T. Pedigo, Esq.

Sacramento County process servers - peace of mind - jpl process service - avoid the risks of the low price leaders
Sacramento County process servers without the risk.

We also have up front pricing with no hidden fees, so you’ll always know exactly how much your successful delivery is going to cost. No paying for gas, no paying for mailings, no paying for extra attempts to deliver the documents you already paid to have delivered.

The peace of mind you don’t get from hiring the cheapest Sacramento County process servers.

So the next time you need process service in Sacramento County, give JPL Process Service a call at (866) 754-0520 or find our mailing address and other contact information here.

First time customers instantly receive $25 off all orders for 30 days.


Jeff Lancaster

Jeff Lancaster

JPL Process Service is a trusted process service partner to 100's of law firms throughout Southern California. Call us at (866) 754-0520 to see why or click to order online here.


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