The Truth About Orange County Process Serving Firms

Written by Jeff Lancaster
September 21, 2012

The Truth About Orange County Process Service Firms

There may come a time where it is necessary to seek an Orange County process server to deliver crucial legal documents. In the majority of situations, serving papers is a straightforward process and can easily be accomplished with the post or via messenger.

In some situations though, the person being served could try to avoid being served, slowing the legal process and delaying actions and judgments.? It is at this time an experienced process serving company can be invaluable.

Licensed process servers have the experience and understanding of strategies that help them efficiently serve those who look to prevent the action. While you might have seen comical situations on television where people are deceived into accepting documents, serving documents to somebody who is actively evading the process is best left to experts. Involving a skilled company will get the deed done quickly and successfully so the legal process can continue.

Locating the right Orange County process server for your particular circumstance is not hard, but it does need some forethought and effort. Like hiring any other services company, it is crucial to understand the process in addition to doing some analysis to make sure the right business is selected.

A few of the crucial factors are as follows:

If confronted with the situation where someone is actively avoiding being served, it is vital you select a company with experience. The Internet is a wonderful resource for discovering potential companies, however you must be cautious. You should be sure to look beyond the gloss of a great looking website to identify the firm’s suitability.

Check thoroughly the years the company has actually been in operation and if possible, find the experience of the principals and vital players at the company. If you anticipate the demand to serve outside of the local location, make certain the firm has resources and covers the area (s) in question.

Next, contact each Orange County process server on your list. You can call or contact them by email or their web sites contact page. In either instance a live discussion, either in person or phone will be needed to relay specific details. Be prepared to supply information on the kind of documents, a summary of the situation and the outcomes of previous serving efforts.

Ensure to review fees early on. You’ll discover most Orange County process servers charge a set price. This is based on an industry standard of a particular quantity of efforts at serving, the processing of documents and the price of providing the verification paperwork. If the circumstance is more complex other costs could be in play.

Additionally learn what kind of confirmation the company provides. This is a crucial component of the service as it authenticates the legal documents have been served and in an appropriate manner. This is utilized to counter any type of claims the recipient could have about not receiving, or poorly obtaining documents, which could further postpone your legal process.

The company should have the ability to describe their process, techniques and experience. There are particular rules concerning serving legal documents set forth in Civil Procedure Rule. If the firm does not adhere to these procedures, the serving and certificate can be called into question.

Picking a registered Orange County process server can be done quite easily, but it is crucial it is done right. Be wise and look to hire a trustworthy firm with the correct experience and personnel to do the task.

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Jeff Lancaster

Jeff Lancaster

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