Top 5 FAQs For Culver City Process Servers

Got A Question For Our Culver City Process Servers?

Our Culver City process servers report back on the questions they are most often asked. The top five are listed below, but feel free to ask your own question below in the comments.

How much does your Culver City process service cost?

Typical process service prices vary on several factors, but range from $50 to $125 depending mainly on how hard it is to locate a target and how far away they are located. Rush and special requests will also increase pricing; however, JPL Process Service encourages loyalty by offering preferred pricing for first time customers for a full 30 days. Beyond that, our process service prices are on par with the California process servers average, but include unique benefits like:

  • Flat rate pricing ” NO hidden fees
  • FREE gas/mileage ” NO mileage charges
  • FREE mailings ” NO extra fees
  • FREE affidavit of service (proof of delivery) ” NO extra fees
  • FREE due diligence filings ” NO extra fees
  • FREE multiple attempt fees ” We mean NO extra fees!

How long does it take to have my papers served?

It’s impossible to say for sure in stone, so you’ll receive a solid estimate when you discuss your matter with us at (866) 754-0520. We handle rush services all the time, so if you need your papers served today, just let us know. Our Culver City process servers make daily court rounds and maintain a wide network of local attorneys to help speed up the process. Non-rush orders are usually completed within 5 business days.

What if the target doesn’t want to be served or is difficult to find?

Generally, targets are cooperative and accept professionally delivered process of service gracefully. This is one of the main benefits of using a professional process server instead of a local sheriff; far more people are weary of law enforcement than our Culver City process servers and are less likely to run or hide. If the target is difficult, several free attempts will be made for you. If they still cannot be located, service may be attempted via newspaper, mail or any other court-approved means. Proof of prior attempts (proof of diligence) are required in order for the court to approve these measures. Our process servers will fulfill this requirement for you free of charge if the situation arises.

What do you do if the target absolutely refuses to accept process of service?

Process servers in California must follow strict state guidelines, and therefore must be registered and bonded. These guidelines restrict physical handing over of service of process, but the process server can leave the documents on the door and they will still be responsible for appearing on the date if the target confirms their identity. There are always options to any “problem” service. If you believe the person you are trying to serve will be difficult, feel free to call us at (866) 754-0520 or fill out this form today and we will help you decide which way will be most effective for your specific circumstances.

Do I really need to hire a Culver City process server or can I do it myself?

Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to deliver your own process of service in California (or any other state for that matter). It is not a valid means of service for the court requirements and for good reason. You need to use a 3rd party, who is impartial to the outcome of the case. Otherwise it turns into a “you said, they said” scenario. Most documents require you to use a California registered process server or the sheriff in order for the service to be valid. Then there is the safety factor, targets are more likely to react unpredictably when someone they know serves them papers. California registered process servers are the way to go. The profession has been around for hundreds of years and is designed to protect all parties involved. Get it done right and fast! Call us NOW, We appreciate your business! (866) 754-0520

Check out what our clients say about our Culver City process servers and if you have a question concerning Culver City service of process, just ask below or if you’d rather talk to a live person, give us a call at (866) 754-0520.

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