What's New in Civil and Probate?!



Reserve a Motion (Civil) All motion reservations will be cancelled if documents are not received by the court within 24 hours. If reservation is cancelled and hearing date is no longer available, matter will be scheduled for the next available hearing date. Exception: Contact the courtroom directly for more specific information regarding Motion for Summary Judgment reservations. Courtesy Copies (Civil) If your filing is more than 75 pages, we recommend delivering a courtesy copy to the courtroom. E-Service Address In accordance with rule 2.111(1) of the California Rules of Court, documents electronically filed should include the e-mail address of the attorney of record or self-represented litigant. The e-mail address listed on the document should be the one where the attorney is willing to accept e-service. How do I update my e-service address? Your e-service address can only be changed with the court by submitting notice on pleading or Notice of Change of Electronic Service Address (Judicial Council optional form EFS-010). New Probate Forms Local forms 732 and 880 have been replaced by Judicial Council forms below. These forms are used in all probate case types and must be eFiled.


Order to Deposit Money into Blocked Account (MC-355)


Receipt and Acknowledgment of Order for the Deposit of Money into Blocked Account (MC-356

All documents in Probate must be eFiled. The only exceptions are the documents listed on the court?s website or in Probate local rule 601.01

Probate Ex Partes will be heard at 1:30 PM beginning May 19th.

?If you are a Private Professional Conservator, please indicate this on your document so your matter can be set appropriately.

?Minor Compromise Petitions must be eFiled as a new Probate case even when there is an underlying Civil case. Do not submit into the Civil case.

Confidential Supplement to Duties must be filed as a separate PDF. This is a confidential filing and should not be submitted behind another document.

Proposed Orders/Stipulations and Orders Coming soon and in accordance with rule 3.1312 of the California Rules of Court; the Court will be launching a proposed order module that will require the parties to submit a Word version of their proposed order along with a PDF. All proposed orders and/or stipulations and orders must be submitted in Microsoft Word format, with the only exception being those orders that are submitted on mandatory judicial council forms, for example Order Granting Attorney?s Motion to Be Relieved as Counsel ? Civil (Judicial Council mandatory form MC-053). Please note the Court will not be requiring Proposed Order Cover Sheets at this time.




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