Why Choose Us?

People always ask, “why are they $10-$25 cheaper then your rate?” Well….We make at least 6 attempts if needed. We have the best customer service in the Process Server Industry, period. Our process servers actually make the attempts at the address. Our process servers actually know the rules of service. We actually get your serves done or point you onto the next step for service. Our court runners can help your file get through the clerk, we do not hire people with no experience that will just have your papers rejected. Don’t get sucked in by a cheaper price, it WILL COST YOU MORE LATER!

So if you need a Los Angeles process server or an Orange County process server…maybe you need a Riverside Process Server? San Bernardino process server, No problem. Huntingbeach Process Server, San Diego process servers, Sacramento process servers, NO Problem! We have process servers anywhere in California all at a reasonable cost and best of all, a better service. Call us today! 866-754-0520! www.jplps.com

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