How To Serve A Subpoena On Time

How To Serve A Subpoena

Many times when handling legal matters, the people that need to testify or give physical evidence are difficult to locate or worse, are uncooperative. ?A registered process server can make certain that a subpoena is served quickly and legally so you can move forward with your case.

What is a subpoena?

A subpoena is a legal document that orders an individual to show up for an examination or legal proceeding at a specific time and date. A subpoena could be a summons for an individual to provide testimony, testify during the early stages of an examination, or simply to provide physical proof pertinent to the case.

Why do you have to have a subpoena served?

As part of the legal process, you must inform the individual in question that their presence is required in court. ?By law, you and your family members are restricted from serving or delivering the documents.? Typically, hiring a process server is your fastest and safest option for delivering your subpoena.

How A Process Server Can Help

Many legal processes require a subpoena to be served.

If you have time constraints, or you?re unable to find the individual being served, a registered process server will complete the job on your behalf.

Even if you are a law firm that offers subpoena delivery on an everyday basis, a process server can most likely get the job done faster and with less hassle.

Why Trust JPL Process Service?

We have an impressive record of dependability and provide punctual customer support. One of our licensed servers will deliver your subpoena at the agreed time, and track down even the most difficult to locate defendants.

In fact, hiring one of our professional process servers to serve your subpoena has numerous advantages, including:

  • We find hard-to-find people – In issues concerning the legal process, individuals commonly become evasive and even dangerous. ?Process servers encounter these situations regularly and know the best ways to respond, and use public documents, data sources and investigative tactics to find and serve your defendant.
  • We know how to handle uncooperative people ? Our process servers are trained in resolving confrontational situations without incident and know the very best moments to approach defendants to minimize their embarrassment.
  • We follow the law to the letter – With stringent legislation that differs from one state to another regarding how, when, and where an individual can be served a subpoena, our expert process servers guarantee that the service procedure is performed legally to ensure the integrity of your case. Our servers understand that abiding by local and state legislation helps prevent issues, hold-ups, and setbacks later on in your legal process.
  • We provide proof of service – After the subpoena has been served to the defendant, the process server will submit proof of service, also known as an Affidavit of Service, and provide you with the appropriate paperwork as proof for your court hearing that the defendant was actually served on time.

Due to the investigative process and the fact your case is time-sensitive, calling on a process server to deliver your subpoena is the fastest, safest, and typically best way to get your subpoena served.

Regardless of where you are in the United States, our professional servers can serve a subpoena for you just about anywhere in the country.? To get started, call JPL Process Service today at (866) 754-0520 and we?ll answer any and all questions you might have regarding your specific situation and can even serve your subpoena in as little as 24 hours.

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