Successful Paralegals Read These 13 Industry Blogs

The paralegal industry is more competitive than ever, and for good reason. ?Job growth is projected at 18.3% between 2010 and 2020, salary ranges continue to climb and there?s plenty of upward mobility in a wide range of functions.

Successful paralegals are not only well paid, they are in high demand while at the same time, experiencing a number of external threats, not the least of which are virtual paralegals that allegedly can do your job better, faster and cheaper.

Without doubt, today?s paralegals top priority needs to be continued education. ?Improving your skills leads to a higher salary, better opportunities and a wider variety of responsibilities.

In addition to annual continued education courses, there are plenty of free resources across the net to help you enjoy your job and do it better. ?To get you started, we?ve collected the very best paralegal blogs that are sure to entertain, educate and empower you for your career goals ahead.

The 13 Best Paralegal Blogs In 2017


[learn_more caption=”The Paralegal Society” state=”open”]The Paralegal Society is a forum to educate, motivate and inspire paralegals to engage in the pursuit of excellence. ?The team that runs the site are successful paralegals that share their experiences and advice in a fun, informative fashion, useful for paralegals of all experience levels.? If you have a question about your industry, this is an excellent place to start.? You can also follow them on Twitter here.[/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”Pamela The Paralegal” state=”open”]Pamela Starr owns StarrParalegals, LLC, a virtual paralegal business working with legal attorneys, and focuses her writing at?Pamela The Paralegal to helping paralegals get their first jobs, continued education, growing her business and her experience of pursuing a Master of Arts degree.? You can follow Pamela on Twitter here.[/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”Paralegal Blaw Blaw Blaw” state=”open”]Lori Paul, currently on hiatus, provides information and tidbits for paralegals with a wealth of articles going back several years. ?Her main focus on Paralegal Blaw Blaw Blaw is family law, technology and making your life as a paralegal easier.? You can follow Lori on Twitter here.[/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”The Paralegal Mentor” state=”open”]Vicki Voisin is a nationally recognized author and speaker known for her paralegal training seminars. ?She shares her experiences on the The Paralegal Mentor blog to help paralegals reach their professional goals while striking balance in their personal lives.? You can follow Vicki on Twitter here.[/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”Best Legal Assistant” state=”open”]If you?re just getting started as a paralegal, you might want to check out the blog at Best Legal Assistant, which features articles written by current paralegal professions on topics like getting your first job and the best degrees and internships to improve your opportunities.? you can follow BLA on Twitter here.[/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”The Lawyerist” state=”open”]Dedicated to law practice, legal marketing and legal technology, Lawyerist is jam-packed with features like articles, resources and even a podcast to help you improve in a wide variety of paralegal tasks.? One of the best resources anywhere for paralegals are the in-depth interviews with long-time paralegal professionals.? You can follow The Lawyerist on Twitter here.[/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”The Estrin Report” state=”open”]Another content-rich blog, The Estrin Report is for paralegal professionals with an attitude for moving up in their world. ?Post topics include power attire, office politics, certification and far too many others to list here.? A great resource with a conversational, humorous approach to the industry.? You can follow Chere Estrin on Twitter here.[/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”Parasec: The Source” state=”open”]Global public records research firm Parasec: The Source focuses on various aspects of the legal arena, specializing in of course, public records research and state laws concerning the industry.? You can follow Parasec on Twitter here.[/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”The Empowered Paralegal” state=”open”]The Empowered Paralegal is a blog for and about professional paralegals and the paralegal profession. ?If you?re looking for tips and advice for becoming the consummate paralegal professional, be sure to stop by and brush up on topics like attorney relationships, time management and social media.[/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”Digital Paralegal Services” state=”open”]With a focus on virtual paralegality, Digital Paralegal Services provides in-depth articles on topics including e-discovery, professional development and the technology to help you do your job faster and easier. ?They also have a great collection of legal-related infographics.? You can follow Cathy Ribble from DPS on Twitter here.[/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”A Paralegal’s Blog” state=”open”]Paralegal turned writer Christine Parizo no longer publishes new content on A Paralegal?s Blog, but the over 500 articles she?s published on her blog are a treasure trove of news, views and information to help today?s paralegal determine their career path.[/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=” Blog” state=”open”]Designed to answer questions about the paralegal industry, the Blog is a platform for up-and-coming legal professionals to ask established industry professionals about paralegal education, certification, scope of practice and best processes.[/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”The Researching Paralegal” state=”open”]If the technical side of being a paralegal is more your area of interest, check out The Researching Paralegal . ?There you?ll learn about legal writing, the human resources side of the job and trial tips from seasoned vets.? You can follow Celia Elwell on Twitter here.[/learn_more]

Stay up-to-date on these and other paralegal industry-related blogs and forums to fast track your career and stay on the professional trajectory you desire. ?Help others do the same by sharing what you?re reading that you think is worthwhile for other paralegals to read, too, in the comments below.

Successful Paralegals Are Reading These 13 Industry Blogs

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