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ONERATE Pricing! Get FLAT Process service PRICING and other services THROUGHOUT THE UNITEd STATES!

ONERATE Pricing is here!  Now you can have ONE Process Server Company that covers most of the United States for ONE FLAT RATE Price!  The change to ONERATE also includes some benefits and perks to other services you may already be ordering through us or some that you didn’t even know we provided!

NO MATTER where or what type of service you need to happen, WE HAVE YOU COVERED!


Flat Rate Skip Trace Pricing. Get up to date Address information for any of your defendants or people that need to be served. 

-Flat Rate EFILING and COURT WALK-IN Filing throughout California & Outside State Courts via the EFILING program! 

-Flat Rate Deposition Officer rates. 

-Flat Rate Professional Photocopier Pricing. 


-Flat Rate Court Research and Locate File services.


We are now able to handle the bulk of your services for a low price that you can NOW alert to your clients prior to the service even starting. Give them a price and be confident it will not cost you more assuming the address provided is correct and valid!

Skip Trace Service: $75 per individual report; Includes Name, Address, Phone Number Searches and We also provide Plate Searches if needed.

EFiling: $15 plus court fees

Walk-In Courts: Standard Rate throughout California. $50, $100 for next day, $125 for Same Day!

Deposition Officer Fees: Flat Rated at $50 per subpoena that we are listed as Deposition Officers

Professional Photocopier: $75 standard fee which includes 1 hour, $75 per hour after the first hour

ONERATE Process Services: Standard Rate – $99 , 24-hour service – $125, Same Day – $175 – NO matter what you are serving. ONERATE pricing covers everything you need to have served. There is no longer different pricing for Restraining Orders, Unlawful Detainers, Small Claims, et. We are now FLAT RATING every process service that we cover.

So why are you still using servers who do not care about your cases or clients as much as you do? We have been in business since Y2K, 2000! We have always taken your work and services and have treated them as our own for all those years. We want you to be successful! We want you to STAY Busy! We WANT you to have more clients and WIN CASES!!

Our services include updates and information on your services via web log in. You can check on your cases, existing or old, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Last minute hearing without a proof of service? Log into the site, download and print your proof of service and be READY for that 8:30am hearing on Monday!

Need a copy service to go and get files from an office but they will not make copies for you? We can go in and scan those documents for FLAT RATE pricing! Call or EMAIL US TODAY for any questions or concerns, we are always willing to accommodate you and your client’s needs!

WHY USE JPL Process Service LLC? 

– Responsive! We answer our phones and emails! We are easy to get a hold of and when it is off hours, you can log into the website and get status and completion info anytime you need it!

-Flat Rate Pricing Regardless of what you are serving, no matter the destination in the United States!

-Not only do we handle your process services, but we also can handle all your Skip Traces, Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies, Deposition Officers, and Copy/Pickup services! Each have a FLAT RATED Price dependent on what you need to have done!

-We want to succeed & make you look good! We take pride in our work and it is one of the many reasons why we have succeeded in this industry. We have a physical location and are not a FLY BY NIGHT company. We set up roots and a base so you can be confident that you will be able to find us when you need us!

Take a look at all of our reviews online!

They tell the story of what you can expect when you rely on JPL Process Service LLC for all of you Service Needs!

The Process Service Basics 

  1. Order Online with our NEW FASTER order form!
  2. Based on your service rate, the service begins
  3. If there are any issues, we contact you to alert of the problem and find a solution
  4. Once Service is completed, we send you a completion email showing the date/time/location and party that was served and the manner of the service.
  5. Proof of Services are generally attached to the job by the following day. Hard Copies of the proofs are also mailed back to your office as well!
  6. Have the ability to log in and get Proofs Printed, Invoices Printed, Pay Online, No matter when they were ordered or completed. It is there for you to track until you retire and even longer!

Moving Forward with your cases is always our MAIN PRIORITY!

CALL or EMAIL US TODAY & get your Service completed tomorrow! Making Difficult & Stressful Situations a Little Easier!

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FAX: 562-612-7184 


Already filed your documents?

Let us handle the rest! Any California Service can be served and filed for $125 total. Order today and take advantage of a $24 discount on your total service bill!

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