Nationwide Mobile Notary Services

Convenient Mobile Notary Services For Law Firms & Pros

Introducing Mobile Notary Services, designed specifically for paralegals and law firms. When it comes to legal processes, we understand the importance of efficiency and convenience.

That’s why our skilled Mobile Notaries are ready to travel to you, wherever you are.

Whether you need us at your home, place of business, or even at the courthouse, our Mobile Notaries are equipped to handle all your notarization needs.

We go the extra mile, bringing our services to lenders, escrow and title companies, banks, and real estate offices, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Nationwide Mobile Notary Services

Standard Rate

Starts in 2-3 days

$ 125
Per Notorial Act
  • Speed
  • Expedite the recording process, getting documents recorded as quickly as you need.
  • Savings
  • Using our process servers can result in cost savings by reducing administrative burdens and potential costs associated with document rejection or delayed processing.
  • Accuracy
  • Our knowledge of the documentation and filing process helps minimize the risk of rejection due to incorrect or incomplete paperwork.
  • Expertise
  • Our professional process servers are well-versed in the requirements and procedures of the county registrar recorder's office, reducing the risk of errors.
  • Flexibility
  • Our process servers can handle a range of document types and offer services in multiple counties, not just where you are located.
  • Reliability
  • We provide a reliable service, ensuring that your documents reach the recorder's office within a specified timeframe.
  • Time-Saving
  • Our process servers save you time by handling the entire submission process, from standing in line to ensuring the documents are properly filed.
  • Convenience
  • There's no need for you to physically go to the office; our process servers manage all the legwork.
  • Legal Compliance
  • Ensure that all legal requirements are met for recording, including the need for original documentation.
  • Permanent Online Copies
  • Just log in to your secure client portal for continuous access.  Access your filed documents 24/7 without waiting for courts to open, providing more flexible case management.
  • Tracking and Confirmation
  • Get proof of recording and track the status of your documents 24/7.
Please Call Or Email For Exact Pricing Before Ordering

Please Call Or Email For Exact Pricing

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25+ Years Of Experience Serving Legal Professionals

Why Choose JPL Process Service?


Even before we receive your order, we’re always looking for new ways to speed up service. Don’t risk your cases, close them quicker.


Get updates or PDF copies of your documents through your secure client portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Once you’ve completed your order, we automate as much of the process as possible to cut your costs and eliminate as much waste as possible.


Take the frustration out of getting your documents and process services over to us. Start your order online in less than 5 minutes.


Delivering over 25 years of value-based experience in every single serve. Absolutely no excuses -- If we can't serve it, no one can!


Stop wasting time searching for a nationwide process server! No matter where you need service, you get a one-stop shop for all your process service needs.


Our servers are bonded and insured to protect you, your paperwork and your clients from exposure with comprehensive training to ensure compliance.


We answer our phones during normal business hours and reply to ALL emails by the next business day!

Nationwide Process Servers

You shouldn’t have to worry about your paperwork getting delivered on-time and legally-compliant, every time.

Our 5-star rated process services are trusted by hundreds of California law firms and collections agencies to securely deliver their legal documents and close more cases every single month.

Clear, flat-rate pricing, secure 5-minute online ordering and a helpful staff available by phone or email make it easy to get started. Start your order below and go about your day in confidence.

NO hidden fees, mileage charges or due diligence filing fees ever. You’ll see your exact total as you fill out the order form.

Benjamin Richardson

“Our firm has relied on JPL for the bulk of our process services for nearly two decades. Jeff and his team really know how to get the job done and eliminate the costly mistakes that could delay our cases.”

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Serving Justice Anytime, Anywhere

We believe justice should be served quickly and easily.  That’s why we’ve spent the past two and a half decades perfecting our document delivery skills.  If you have high volume process service needs, count on us and consider it done.  Anytime, anywhere.

Gloria Rose

“JPL Process Service files 100’s of cases for us each month and to our astonishment, they’ve yet to mix up our paperwork or fail to complete a filing on time.”

E-File Your Proof Of Service

The courts will not hear your case unless the proof of service is filed. Clients often tell us that they will file the proof of service or they have no need for the additional service or charge, but…

That court date comes up fast and the clients did not file the case in a timely manner. The court will often tell you to serve it again and give you a new date for the hearing. Don’t waste your time! Place an order, whether it is a walk-in court or an e-file court and have us to file your proof of service.

Walter Myers

“We were struggling to locate a defendant and wasted weeks working with other process services. Within 48 hours of calling JPL Process Service, we were given their location with photographic proof.​”

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