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From the moment our bonded Orange County Process Servers get your legal documents and specific directions, you can consider your paperwork delivered and proceed with your day. Our office personnel immediately gets to work coordinating logistics and using one of numerous databases to verify defendant employment and residence addresses before dispatching one of our highly-trained professional process servers to put your documents in the right hands.

We know that you have a great deal of process servers in Orange County to choose from, but we’re certain that you will not find a more honest, experienced, and committed legal support services company to work with than JPL Process Service LLC.

Our registered professional process servers have a 98% success rate at tracking down and serving defendants!

Hiring the wrong Los Angeles Process Server can result in a wide range of consequences, from expensive delays all the way to having your case dismissed. To prevent this, it is essential that you know who you are giving access to your important legal papers.

JPL Process Service LLC has been delivering legal paperwork throughout California for nearly 20 years, is a long-time member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers, and we’re more than happy to provide any license and registration information to put your mind at rest. If you have a legal matter you need to get started, make sure to call us right away so we can deliver your paperwork and get you proof of service so you can begin the process of putting your legal issue in the past where it belongs.

Have an urgent situation? No problem. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet your needs as fast and efficiently as possible. To schedule Orange County service of process, give us a call at (866) 754-0520 or click the email button below to get started.

California Process Servers You Can Trust

JPL Process Service is a premier provider of legal support and process services in California. Along with affordable fees, quick delivery, and friendly customer support, we are also dedicated to helping your business grow by providing personalized attorney services packages tailored to each clients unique needs to assure cost-effective and efficient service.

If qualified, your firm is also eligible for bulk rate rebates through our one-of-a-kind Partner Program.

Flat Rate Pricing Includes:

    • 6 Attempts

    • Gas/Mileage

    • Mailings

    • Affidavit of Service

Hassle Free Pricing

    • NO Hidden Fees

    • NO Mileage Charges

    • NO Extra Fees for Due Diligence Filings

    • NO Multiple Attempt Fees

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why choose anyone else when JPL Process Service can provide you with a higher quality of service at a considerably lower rate than our competition?

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