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Unprecedented LOW PRICING! We provide all nationwide process services at a flat rate price! We also EFILE at all participating California courts – $15 plus fees per filing.

For the courts that are still WALK IN, we handle those, too! We are always available. Call or email anytime and someone from our office will get back to you shortly!
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Our Professional Process Services​

25+ Years Of Experience Serving Legal Professionals
Service Of Process

Legal delivery of court documents. Ensuring proper notice and due process.

Judgment Collections

Fast, secure legal document delivery for recovering owed funds.

Electronic Court Filing

Streamlined digital submission of legal documents for quick and easy recording.

Walk-In Court Filing

Hand-delivered and submission of legal documents at your chosen California court.

Skip Tracing / Investigations

Locate individuals for legal matters using advanced technology and techniques.

Professional Photocopiers

Convenient professional legal photocopy services at the desired location or in our office.

Recorder's Office

Facilitating document recording and retrieval for legal purposes.

Can Serve Registered Agents

Prompt and reliable transportation of important legal documents.

Deposition Officers

You can list us on your documents to receive the case files or requested information from subpoenas.

Nationwide Process Services

Experience seamless legal document delivery with our professional process services. Licensed, insured and highly-trained for accuracy, reliability, and timely service of summons and complaints, subpoenas, orders to show cause, notices of petition, family court paperwork, eviction notices and more.

Benjamin Richardson

“Our firm has relied on JPL for the bulk of our process services for nearly two decades. Jeff and his team really know how to get the job done and eliminate the costly mistakes that could delay our cases.”

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E-Filing & Walk-In Court Services

Efficiently file legal documents in person or electronically with our court filing services. Simplify the process and ensure timely submissions for your legal matters in courts all throughout California.

Gloria Rose

“JPL Process Service files 100’s of cases for us each month and to our astonishment, they’ve yet to mix up our paperwork or fail to complete a filing on time.”

Skip Tracing/Investigations

Need to locate someone for legal purposes? Our skip tracing and investigation services use advanced techniques to find individuals efficiently and accurately.

Walter Myers

“We were struggling to locate a defendant and wasted weeks working with other process services. Within 48 hours of calling JPL Process Service, we were given their location with photographic proof.​”

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